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MMS/CDS is available here at MMS Green Life. We provide Top Quality MMS/CDS products. When choosing your MMS/CDS Supplier- be sure to choose wisely. MMS Green Life is your MMS/CDS trusted Supplier.

When MMS and Citric Acid are mixed together they form the Gas Called Chlorine Dioxide. CDS is taking that Gas (Chlorine Dioxide) and putting it in Distilled water....leaving you a Pure Form of MMS.

CDS stands for Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS). It was invented by Andreas Kalcker and Approved by Jim Humble as the New form of MMS.

With CDS Solution No mixing (activation) or waiting is involved, simply drop your drops into the water and your finished. However Unlike MMS ...CDS must stay refrigerated once opened. Keep your CDS Solution in the fridge and when leaving your home you can put it  in a cooler, lunch box, thermos, etc.

Now what can Chlorine Dioxide Solution Do?

1) Chlorine Dioxide kills microorganisms through the process of oxidation.
A) Oxidation is the process in which substances are destroyed.
B) The electons that hold a substance together are pulled off by the oxidizer and thus the substance comes apart, which means its destroyed.

2) CDS will destroy 99.9% of Pathogens known to man including bacterium, viruses, protozoa, yeasts, and fungi....including Anthrax.

No other chemical known to man can destroy parasites more efficient and as many types as Chlorine Dioxide. Chlorine Dioxide Solution has many uses such as spraying vegetables, fruits, and water purification.

So What is CDS Authentic Solution?

CDS Authentic Solution is the worlds first CDS Solution available for retail for people all over the world to have at hand. It is made to exact specifications made by Andreas Kalcker and Jim Humble using the finest Sodium Chlorite (MMS) and Citric Acid available in the World. CDS Authentic cannot and will not be compared among other type solutions.

MMS Green Life offers 3 Grades of CDS Solution that are available now!


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