What is DMSO

What is DMSO? DMSO stands for Dimethyl Sulfoxide. It comes from the Wood Pulp Industry and is mainly used as a solvent. When destroying Pathogens, Parasites, Viruses, Bacteria, and all other Bad Organisms in water, DMSO is very helpful to use with MMS Authentic or CDS Authentic with MMS2 due to its abilities to penetrate Bad Organisms Membranes quickly.

What does this mean? Some Pathogens (bad organisms) have a hard membrane (shell) around them causing it to be very hard to penetrate. MMS Authentic , CDS Authentic, and MMS2 Authentic will eventually penetrate the membrane, but will definitely penetrate the membrane faster when used together, however when MMS or CDS is used with MMS2 and DMSO it is the absolute fastest time a Pathogen can be destroyed.

How is this possible. Its simple, like we stated above - DMSO will penetrate through any organism, including ones with strong membranes which is like a shield for them. So when using DMSO with MMS or CDS and MMS2 , the DMSO will carry the MMS or CDS and MMS2 into the organism directly and eliminate it. So when adding drops of MMS or CDS to your water you simply add an additional drop(s) of DMSO to make the process easier and faster for the MMS Solutions.

The above stated statements go into a way more technical state and also dmso has many other uses, so for more information about any of these products, simply google either one of their names or contact us for more information on our contact us page.

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As stated by the FDA - all MMS  Products are to be only sold as Water Purification Products. Viruses, Parasites, Pathogens, etc will exterminate faster when oxidizing them with more than one different type of oxidizer. This is a MMSGL rule set and applied in the application of Water Purification. MMSGL do not sell MMS products for any other purpose besides water purification.

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