CDS Authentic 12000 PPM

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It's Here. The Ultimate CDS Solution.

CDS Authentic 12000 PPM is Chlorine Dioxide Solution at a 12000 PPM Strength. Only 6 drops of CDS Authentic 12000 PPM is equal to 3 activated drops of MMS.

No Activation is required for CDS Authentic 12000 PPM. No Mixing or Use of Citric Acid is needed for CDS Solutions. Simply Drop your drops in water and your done.

CDS 12000 is the longest lasting CDS Solution available on the market today. Simply due to its dosage. Only 6 drops. No more Counting out so many drops per time and no more using syringes. All CDS Solutions such as CDS 12000 come with easy dispensing dropper lids.

**When you first receive your bottle of CDS Authentic 12000 PPM be sure to put it in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours before opening for the first time.

*From that point on please keep your CDS Solutions refrigerated. If leaving your home for a long period of time it is OK to bring your CDS Solution in a Cooler or Lunch Box that contains Ice or an Ice Pack to keep your CDS Solution Chilled.

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CDS Authentic 12000 PPM can be used in conjunction with DMSO and MMS2.

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